Red troops



This doesnt mean stand all day in mammoth and say Join

This means just invite your friend. Every time you recruit you get a promotion. If you do good you will get a owner rank in no time!

I will make a recruit page and if you recruited someone just leave a comment!

Also I guess some people may not know that Posts come to your email. So check your mail every once in a while



When we have a comment try to leave a comment when ever theres an event.

More Events to get active

Tactic sessions on July 8

1:00 pst

2:00 Mst

3:00 Cst

4:00 Est


From Now I will give out promotions to everyone at an event.

So say I in the comments  if you will try to read all postand come to our events.

Also Stay in Black troops chat for a while some people light come on or add me on xat

Heres an event adds

1:00 Pst

2:00 Mst

3:00 Cst

4:00 Est

This is a test who is a great soldier

The day is August 7 on Bt chat I will give a promotion to people that shows up


Hello Shadow troops This is cul8rsl leader of the new generation of shadow troops and we are merging to FN so if u havnt joined yet

Join Now heres the link


LAST REMINDER the recruiting session is tommarow and I want everyone to be there.

The room is going to be Town server white house